Secret Santa

We gathered together at the very far end of the Halswell Quarry to celebrate the end of the school year together. The kids were expecting a water slide, picnic food and secret Santa gifts. Each child was to bring a < $5 gift for a class mate, and making a gift was encouraged. The kids drew names out of the hat who they were to gift to. Mac drew Tessa.

As we were planning what to make Mac said “Mama, Tessa really really loves snails” So we researched snail crafts on pinterest and believe it or not, there are quite a few options! but with limited time and resources we were a little stumped. We kind of settled on him making a simple bag with a snail motif on it, decorated with buttons. But after a very successful workshop the day before making heat packs that were overwhelmingly well received we opted for a heat pack that we would roll up to look like a snail. We brainstormed on ways to make it more snail-ish and came up with the following design to simply add some loops to look like eye stalks, and to tie it with ribbon so it stayed in shape when opened. It turned out well.


Mac did all the sewing for it, I only helped him to go over spots he was a little wonky. He was very careful to do his best, hoping his gift would be well received.

Secret Santa


We filled it with rice and scented it with lavender. It smelled amazing when they unwrapped it. Turns out Tessa loved it and her mum wanted Mac to make one for her too!

Well done son, you did good!

journal | counting sleeps

Goodness, only 6 more sleeps until our road trip. double woot woot! I have few surprises planned for my foreign husband. Surprises that will give him some unique cultural experiences. I hope they are well received. I can hardly wait. I love spending time with just my husband, doing one of the things we love to do together….road tripping! and discovering…

did I mention, I can hardly wait?

We will also be catching up with my sister, I love to spend time with my sister.

fun times ahead me mateys, fun times ahead!

Fresh Flowers are my thing…

GAP_3575 copyblog

Going to the back yard to pick fresh flowers is my thing.

Arranging them on the grave of my father, is not.



I miss my daddy, although I never really knew him. I was so young when he died. I often think about what could have been if he had been able to stick around. How would our lives be different? Would my brothers not have gotten so lost. Would my sister and I have married different men?  Would our children have a loving and interested Grandfather in him? Sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality. He might not have been what any of us were looking for in a parent. I don’t have very many happy memories from before his death. But moot point really…because he didn’t get the chance. He died in 1975. I was 8.

Macallum is the exact same age I was when dad died. If Mac lost one of us, he would be devastated. I do remember crying after my mother told me. It was an odd day. I won my first medal in marching. I came home to show them but instead there were other people in the house. The house was tidy. I didn’t know what was wrong. MY mother took me into the lounge and sat me down on a step stool. She told me Dad died this morning. I put my head in my hands and cried.

The next thing I remember was standing at the head of his grave, with my sister and 2 brothers. I was crying, both Joy and I were. I looked up at my cousin Kay and she wasn’t. That was the day I decided I would never cry again.

and I didn’t

for a long, long time.

I don’t mind crying now.

Tonight we went out to the grave. It made me sad that no one else had been out there for the anniversary of his death. Mike cried at the grave side as he always does, Mac hugged us both and I arranged flowers, removed weeds and sang “God be with you til we meet again”

It felt … full.

2 sons, 1 husband

Two sons and one husband have had their immune systems supported with the benefits of essential oils today. I thank God that I can care for my loved ones in this way right in the comfort of our home, with the added benefit of knowing they will soon be on the mend.

Essential oils have served our families health and well being for the past 5 years. There isn’t a day that goes by without someone opening a bottle and putting a few drops on. I can’t imagine my life without them, they represent so much more than just a healthy “change”. I am not a very emotional person, I feel.  I do… I just don’t express it through words. I express it through acts of doing things for loved ones.. I express love through using my essential oils to care for my family. So when they  come to their mama (or grand-mama) feeling poorly I secretly do an imaginary back flip at the chance to show my love for them through a medium that nurtures and helps their bodies and lets me know, it’s not too late for mothering.

Thank you doTERRA essential oils, for giving me a love language.oiltreatmentBlog

yup…I’m ‘that’ type of grandmother

I’m the type of grandmother that lets her stay up late to watch the sunset. Just because it’s so beautiful.


I took one of those online quiz thingies where it asks you a bunch of questions and then tells you the perfect grandmother name for you.

“You’re a bit of a hippie, interested in preserving the earth and living naturally. Your taste tends toward the arty and bohemian, and no one, not even your grandchildren, knows exactly what you will decide to do next. Because you have such a global perspective, you may want to choose a grandmother name from another culture, such as the German Oma, Italian Nonna, the Hawaiian Tutu or the French Grandmere. Alternatively you may want to create your own grandmother name from whole cloth. Whatever name you end up with, it will be individualistic, and it will suit you.”

They call me “GranGran”