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I am on a brand new journey, or maybe it’s merely the same journey with an added gorgeous “view point’ detour on the way. 2 1/2 weeks ago I put my back out. I’ve been in a lot of pain ever since and have taken steps to address it through oils and massage, they had been helping me manage the pain but not fix the problem.  Yesterday it all came to a head and I could stand the pain no more. I did some research with the terms ‘complementary healthcare’ and ‘chiropractor’ as my keywords and I came across Alpha Omega Clinic I read their ‘about us’ and knew this was the place for me. The thing I read that really spoke to me was our body does it’s best every day to keep itself in balance or homeostatic, counteracting the crappy food we feed it etc and then a simple, ordinary, every day act (like picking up a Resuscitation Mannequin) will set off an injury because the body is so overloaded with just re-balancing itself, that it can no longer cope with any thing else. I believe that.  I believe my body was overloaded with stuff to fix up.

Yesterday was my first visit and I have to say I was quite taken aback by it all. I felt kind of scared as Dr Carl, the chiropractor, was crunching my back and neck around. My neck felt amazing after it had cracked and groaned a bit, but my back was still in acute pain when I left. He tested me for food intolerance and told me how a lot of lower back pain is directly related to food in-tolerances. I decided to just go with it to see where this train of thought would go. He identified three food intolerances I have: dairy, gluten and soy. I knew about the dairy and gluten based on how I feel after eating bread and yogurt. The soy surprised me though. Part of my healing will come from dropping these foods out of my diet. I am sort of excited to be making some positive changes that I knew I needed to make anyway, but just didn’t have the courage.

I think Hippocrates was right on when he said ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be they food’.  My healing will come by the foods I take out of my diet and the food I chose to fuel my body with. It’s as simple as that.

However, a gluten free, diary free lifestyle takes planning. Wish me luck!


Jumping into troubled seas.

AngelinaBlogSteppingintoTroubledSeasI’m not a brave person, I’m really not. Some say I am for accomplishing a few things I’ve done like build my own house, marry an American, venture off overseas when all I knew and loved was right here but when it comes down to it all…I’m rather cautious and fearful. I hate to fly or put myself in possible paths of danger. .  So when I was approached by the social worker of my niece about providing foster care for her while my brother is in jail, I was cautious. Hopeful that I could be what she needed but more than a little scared.

We don’t know for sure when this will start (and even if it will for sure) but Mike and I are opening our home (and hearts) to her, with a desire to offer her a safe place, where she can feel at home and blossom into a vibrant, well balanced, service oriented, fun and exuberant teenage girl. fingers crossed

Looking gangsta, but really…


Mac feels deeply. He wears his heart on his sleeve and loves with every fibre of his being. (he dislikes with just as much passion)

It’s beautiful and difficult thing to parent such a child (maybe that can be said about all children). I find it hard, because I am a do-er. I do. I don’t sit down and talk about things, I just keep doing and doing and doing until I don’t need to ‘do’ anymore. Mike is much less a do-er and much more a talker. He too is a beautifully emotional man, just like Mac. He talks. It helps. I pretty much thank God every day for the ways our strengths complement each other.

When the twins left mid July I thought we would be in for a few wild emotional days but in actual fact he sobbed heavily on the way home, and a few more times throughout the night but the following day he found a solution. The twins had left a few things here and there around the place and Mac collected them together to make a ‘memorial necklace’. Some cheap dollar store beads, a few rainbow loom bracelets and 2 glow sticks have enabled my boy the ability to self soothe.  He pops it on when he needs to, and takes it off when he’s all good.

The art of self soothing is a powerful tool for life. Well done son, well done!

Clip ‘n’ climb

I loved to climb back in the day. But after a fall while bouldering I never ‘got back on the horse’ but nothing prepared me for the thrill of seeing my lad take to it like a natural, and enjoy it as much as his mama once did.

If you ever want a funtastic activity here in Christchurch, NZ then you should totally check out ClipNClimb

clipnclimb christchurch



It’s a wild ride

I haven’t written all year. (or have I? I don’t remember. Sad, right?!)

Many things have changed since my last writing (whenever that was).  Many, many things, many many changes!  Like I don’t remember how big I used to make my images for this blog? And how long has it been since I last took a photograph with the D800? weeks? no, MONTHS!

We now live in New Zealand. New Zealand people. Land of the long white cloud. Land of my birth, land of my heart.

Macallum and I arrived at the end of February and Mike came in June.  I went to go get him, leaving Mac here for 13 days. I kept telling him about a surprise I was going to bring back for him. He thought it was his scooter…but actually it was his two besties Kenny and Cori.

This last month has been packed full of fun things for the 3 amigo’s. I’ve loved having them together again.

A very windy day at Birdlings Flat.

Birdlings Flatblog